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USD 480 Parking Lot WiFi for district devices.

Through the combined efforts of SWKO, TEK/STYLE and the USD 480 Technology Department we are now able to extend our school WiFi networks into the parking lots of some of our district buildings.  This service is available for USD 480 devices only (ie student chromebooks and staff laptops), with the purpose of providing internet service for distance education to those students and staff who are currently without.

To connect to the school network from the parking lots you simply need to drive up, park in any of the parking spots in the designated parking lots, power on your charged devices and it will connect to the school networks.  When using the parking lot WiFi you need to continue to practice the CDC recommended guidelines for social distancing, we advise staying in your vehicles during this time.

USD 480 WiFi Parking Lot Locations:

Meadowlark – East Parking Lot

PVE/SRMS – Shared Parking Lot North of PVE

Sunflower – South Parking Lot

Cottonwood – South Parking Lot

MacArthur – West Parking Lot

LHS Redskin Field – West Parking Lot

If you have any issues please contact or call 620-604-2526.