Kansas Counts Census 2020

2 Days Until Census Day - April 1, 2020


United States Census 2020 - Complete HERE

Census Day Activity - Twitter Chat

We're having a Census Twitter Chat to promote Census Day and we want you to join in! Twitter Chats are quick and easy. Simply log into Twitter on April 1st, follow the conversation and respond and retweet between noon and 1:00 pm. The purpose of this is to increase awareness, drive engagement, encourage completion of the 2020 Census, and share knowledge about the 2020 Census through conversation. Here’s our official schedule of questions: stay tuned – in between our pre-scheduled questions, we will be tweeting fun facts and reasons the census is important:  

Q1: What is the census? What do you know about the census? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat 
Q2: What should Kansans know about the census? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat Q3: Why should I complete the 2020 Census? #KSCensusChat #KansasCounts 
Q4: Who uses census data, and for what reason do they use census data? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat 
Q5: Why is it so important everyone is counted? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat 
Q6: Why is the census important to you personally? #KansasCounts #KSCensusChat

Response Rates

Are you curious about how many people in your community are responding to the 2020 Census? You can stay up to date with a map of self-response rates from across the United States. This map is now available to view your community's self-response rate. As of yesterday, Kansas has dropped to #6 in the nation for self-responding to the 2020 Census at 37.6%. Ahead of Kansas are: Wisconsin (40.8%), Minnesota (40.0%), Nebraska (39.6%), Iowa (39.2%), and Michigan (38.5%). Make sure you're spreading the message in your community to complete the census - Let's make sure we're #1 next week!

Below are the counties in Kansas that are leading the state in self-response rates. Great job!

  • Marion              44.7%
  • Nemaha           43.9%
  • Anderson         43.7%
  • Marshall           43.4%
  • Washington      43.2%
  • Hodgeman       42.8%
  • Clay                  42.5%
  • Harvey              42.4%
  • Johnson            42.4%
  • Reno                 41.8%
  • Smith                41.8%
  • Cloud                41.5%
  • McPherson       41.5%
  • Neosho             41.4%
  • Kingman           41.3%

What To Do Right Now

Post on Social Media

As our communities move toward social distancing, posting to social media may be the best way to reach the general public. If you're not posting to social media, you should post this week. #DYK census data is used to assess the potential for spread of communicable diseases? Make sure to post on your organization's social media channels using Wednesday's (April 1st) call to action message for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to follow the Kansas CCC social media sites:

  • Twitter: KansasCounts
  • Facebook: Kansas Counts
  • Instagram: kansascounts

Please share/retweet Kansas Counts posts – we need to get out the message to Kansas residents about the 2020 Census and why their participation is so important to our communities and the state. Also, don’t forget to use #KansasCounts and/or tag Kansas Counts when posting about your local CCC and census efforts – we want to share and promote your work as well.