Welcome to the USD480 WebVPN portal. If you are a teacher or staff member, and have asked for access to your files at home, you can get to those files with a simple login. If you are unable to login, please contact your administrator or principal and ask to be set up for this service.

Here’s how it works:

By accessing the WebVPN portal, you will see a login like this (screenshot). Please note the “Groups” drop down menu. Select the building where you work. Then enter your USD480 username and password, just as you would when you login to your computer at work. You don’t need to enter the usd480\ prior to your username.

From here, you’ll be taken to another page with a list of available shared files. These will appear in alphabetical order. Select your name from the list and click the link. Your shared folder will open and you’ll see the files inside. If you want to work on one of these files, simply click on the file and it will be copied to the computer where you are. Please consider what it is you are trying to accomplish by accessing these files. For example, if you are working on an Excel spreadsheet, make sure the home computer you are copying the file to has Microsoft Excel installed. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, which includes Excel, you can purchase it for $5.00 from Central Office. This same scenario applies if you are working on a Microsoft Word document, Powerpoint presentation, etc. Make sure you have the correct program installed on your computer to open the file once you get it copied to your home computer.

Once you have the file copied to your home computer, you can open it and make any changes you like. If all you need is to access information from the file, nothing further is required. However, if you are making changes to a document like a lesson plan, etc. and want that file to be on your H drive at work, you’ll have to copy the file back to the shared folder.

To accomplish this, all you need to do is save the modified file to your desktop, then click on the WebVPN link to “copy file to server” (screenshot). You’ll be prompted to select the file you want to copy back to your shared folder. Locate the modified file then click open/copy and the file will be inserted into your folder. The file name may be appended if you haven’t changed it. For example, let’s say you’re working on a spreadsheet called March 07 grades. If you don’t change the name of the file when you copy it back to your folder, the name may be changed to March 07 grades1. You may want to delete the old file when you return to work so you won’t accidentally access the wrong data later.

Keep in mind that if you copy a file from your folder to a computer that is not yours, you are responsible for the security of that data. In a case like this, please delete that file from the non-USD480 computer prior to leaving.

Please Note; We are presently licensed for 100 concurrent WebVPN connections. If you have been able to access your H drive successfully in the past, but cannot do so presently, it may be that there are no seats available on the VPN server. Please wait 10 or 15 minutes and try again.

Also, the current settings for WebVPN sessions are for a maximum session length of two hours. At the end of the two hour period, your session will be disconnected. There is also a 15 minute idle session timeout. If you haven’t done anything in the past 15 minutes, your session will be closed.

These settings help keep the WebVPN service clean of idle connections and allow everyone a better chance at utilizing this service.

This WebVPN will not allow you to run any applications, only copy files to and from your home computer.

To access the WebVPN, click below: