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Section J


JA Goals and Objectives 
JB Attendance 


(Resident Students,New Resident Students, Enrollment Procedures, Identification of Students, Enrollment Infromation,School Assignments,Transferring Credit, Transfers from Non-Accreditated and Home Schools, Indistrict Transfers)  

JBCA Homeless Students
JBD Absences and Excuses
JBDA Extended Student Absences
JBE Truancy
JBH Release of a Student During the School Day
JBI Home School Students
JCAB Searches of Property
JCABB Searches of Students

Interrogations and Investigations in School

(regarding interrogations and by school officials and law enforcement authorities)

JCDA Student Conduct
JCDAA Tobacco Use
JCDAD Tobacco/Alcohol/Drug Policy
JCDB Dress Code
JCDBB Weapons in School
JCE Complaints and Grievances
JDA Corporal Punishment
JDB Detention
JDD Suspension and Expulsion 
JDDA Athletic/Extracurricular Activities Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Policy
JDDAA Student Random Drug Testing — Extracurricular
JDDB Reporting to Law Enforcement
JDDC Bullying

Academic Achievement

(report cards)


Student Conferences  JFAC Parent Conferences
JFB Promotion and Retention
JFC Graduation
JFCA Early Graduation
JGA Student Insurance Programs 
JGC Health Assessments and Records
JGCB Inoculations 
JGCBA AED (Automated External Defibrillators) Policy
JGCC Communicable Diseases
JGD Student Psychological Services
JGEB Child Abuse 
JGEC Sexual Harassment
JGECA Racial Harassment
JGF Student Safety 
JGFA Emergency Drills 
JGFB Supervision of Students 
JGFC Dismissal Precautions 
JGFF Use of Motorized Vehicles 
JGFG Student Accidents and Illness 
JGFGA First Aid 
JGFGB Supervision of Medications
JGG Student Transportation 
JGGA Use of Video Camera
JGH School Lunch Service 
JGHB Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines
JH Student Activities
JHC Student Organizations
JHCA Student Publications
JHCAA Gang Activities
JHCAB Plan to Address Bullying
JI Community Activities
JJ Employment of Students
JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities
JK Solicitations
JL Gifts 
JM/JN Contests for Students
JQA Physically Disabled Students
JQB IDEA Guidelines
JQBB Special Education Class Size/Caseload
JQE Alternative Arrangements
JQF Married Students
JQH Drop-Outs
JQKA Foreign Exchange Students
JQL Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students
JR Student Records 
JRA Types of Student Records
JRB Release of Student Records
JRC Disposition of Records
JRD Hearing Request
JS Student Fees and Charges


Board Policies