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Board Policies - Section I


IA   Philosophy
IAA   Academic Freedom
IB   School Site Councils
IC   Educational Program
ICA   Innovative Teaching
    Pilot Programs 
ICFB   Activity Trips
IDA   Supplementary Programs 
IDAA   Special Programs
IDAA   Parental Partnership Policy Statement
IDACA   Special Education Services
IDACB   Section 504 Accommodations For Students
IDAD   Title 1 Programs
IDAE   Student Data Privacy Act
IDCE   College Classes
IDCF   Dropout Prevention Program
IDFA   Athletics 
IE   Instructional Arrangements
IEB   Charter Schools
IF   Textbooks and Instructional Materials 
IFA   Use and Showing of Copyrighted Movies, Shows and Performances
IFBC   Media Centers
IFBH   Outside Speakers
IFC   Community Resources
IFCB   Field Trips
IFCC   Employee/Student Use of Technology and Electronic Resources
IG   Guidance Program 
IHA   Grading Systems
IHC   Class Rankings 
IHD   Honor Rolls
IHEA   Make-Up Opportunities 
IHF   Graduation Requirements 
II   Testing Programs
IIA   Course Test Out Opportunity
IIBG   Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines
IIBGA   Computer and Device Use
IIBGC   BYOD Guidelines (Bring Your Own Device)
IIBGD   Children’s Internet Protection Act
IJ   Evaluation of Instructional Program
IKA   Financial Literacy
IKCA   Human Sexuality and AIDS Education
IKD   Religion in Curricular or Sponsored Activities
IKDA   Religious Objections to Activities
IKI   Lesson Plans
ING   Animals and Plants in the School 


Board Policies