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Board Policies - Section E


EA Goals and Objectives
EB Buildings and Grounds Management 
EBA Insurance Program
EBAA Workers' Compensation
EBB Safety
EBBA Hazardous Waste Inspection and Disposal
*EBBD Emergency Closings 
*EBBE Emergency Drills
EBBF Crisis Planning 
EBC Security 
EBE Cleaning Program 
EBJ Records
EC Equipment and Supplies Management
ECH Printing and Duplicating Services
ED Student Transportation Management 
EDAA School Vehicles (Buses) 
EDAA-S Family, School and Community Partnerships Policy Statement
EDDA Special Use of School Buses 
EE Food Service Management
EF Data Management 
  SN For policies of a general nature on the generation and control of statistical and other information as desired by the district and/or required by state and federal regulations. See also "Records" and "Report" in Index.
EG Energy Management Conservation


Board Policies