Apache FCCLA

(Family Career and Community Leaders of America)


FCCLA, family career, community leaders of America, is a student lead organization promoting the family as the basic unit of society. We encourage individual and group involvement in helping to promote a greater understanding between youth and adults. Self improvement is a major goal of FCCLA.

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Seymour Rogers Results from National Cluster Competition in Phoenix, Arizona

EventName of StudentResults
1FCCLA KnowledgeKarime Anchondo3rd
2FCCLA KnowledgeBriana Avalos2nd
3FCCLA KnowledgeLizbeth Hernandez1st
4NutritionEdgar Nunez3rd
5NutritionMarlie Heck2nd
6NutritionKaitlyn Feldhausen1st
7Consumer MathAlexis Suastegui1st
8Consumer MathKiyona Martinez2nd
9Consumer MathHailey De La Torres3rd
10Science in FCSMarcos Anchondo3rd
11Science in FCSAmelia Alarcon1st
12Science in FCSNick Freeman2nd
13Early ChildhoodKimberly Moreno3rd
14Early ChildhoodRylemala Hughbanks1st
15Early ChildhoodNathan Ward2nd
16# Teach FCSRiya Bhakta1st
17# Teach FCSJanvi Bhakta2nd
18# Teach FCSKeirsie Carlile3rd
19Toys that TeachJunior Kingpending
20Toys that TeachJulia Deloyapending
21Toys that TeachBryan Cerecerespending
22Interview SkillsAndrea Torrespending
23Interview SkillsStephanie Medinapending
24Interview SkillsDallas Garciapending
25Knowledge BowlLuz TerceroNationals in Anaheim California
26Knowledge BowlJazlin catalanCaptain - Nationals
27Knowledge BowlBeatriz VelozNationals
28Knowledge BowlYessica EsparzaNationals
29Knowledge BowlRosa GutierrezNationals
30.Impromptu SpeakingKaelon Stevenson3rd
31Impromptu SpeakingMiguel Nicholas2nd
32.Impromptu SpeakingEmily Ruizpending