"How can my student get their belongings from campus?" 


Students should fill out the "Student Belongings Form" in order to retrieve their belongings from campus. They will be contacted by members of the leadership team who will further explain procedures. 

Parent Communications Virtual Meeting - 03/24/2020

Immediate Questions:

We recognize that many parent and guardians have immediate and pressing questions. Please connect with us for this evening's Parent Communications Virtual Meeting that will be held at 8:00 PM (English) and 8:30 PM (Spanish).

Parent Communications Virtual Meeting - Click Here to Attend

This Frequently Asked Questions page will be built upon your questions and concerns.Please make time to connect with us this evening. Your questions are likely those that many have. By joining us this tonight and expressing yourself, you will help us address the concerns of the community! 

Please direct any questions not answered in the FAQ to this Form

POSTED 03/24/2020