All Redskin Bowlers are expected to have/obtain the following items prior to the beginning of the season on January 1st:

1. Personal bowling ball, custom drilled to fit the bowler’s hand. House balls are not acceptable.
2. Personal bowling shoes. House shoes are not acceptable.
3. Black slacks in which to compete. (Make sure they are properly fitted and allow an adequate range of motion)
4. We require the bowlers to purchase their own jersey as they will be keeping them after the season is over, and the jersey will have the bowler's names on them.


1. Shoe covers (protects the slide sole from accidental spills or other forms of moisture)
2. Bowling Towel (highly recommended)
3. Bowler’s kit (rosin bag, slide powder, shoe brush, skin patch, bowlers tape, etc.)

Billy’s Ayr Lanes can assist in the process of purchasing a ball and pair of shoes that will work best for the bowler.

Team bowling ball bags are provided, if not already owned.