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REDy to Return

REDy to Return

Posted: 08/17/2020

Dear Liberal High School Parents/Guardians and Students,

We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. We are beyond excited to be welcoming our students back next week. Throughout the summer, we have worked with staff, students, and parents to create a plan that both promotes the health and safety of our students and staff and addresses priorities that were communicated to us regarding several factors in a students’ learning experience.

Some of the priorities that rose to the top as we met with groups of stakeholders were as follows:

●Find a way for students to participate in activities, even if it has to be
  an adaption from what they have been able to do previously.

●Provide more consistency when it comes to grading procedures and

●Provide a syllabus with an overview of what students will be learning in
  addition to a schedule of what assignments will be due when.

●Hold students accountable to completing their work and taking part in
  their classes.

●Help students to have more consistent access to the internet.

●Adjust class sizes when possible to maintain social distancing.

●Post recorded lectures online for students to be able to use as a
  reference when they are doing assignments.

●Continue to provide communication through various outlets for students and staff.

As we completed the plan, we did our very best to ensure that each priority was addressed within the plan as well as other details that will provide as much clarity and consistency as we are able to provide given a time period where circumstances are changing daily. And, as much time and effort that was devoted by so many to putting together a plan that will help us all to put our best foot forward, we acknowledge that there is no perfect nor permanent plan. However, what we can assure each parent, student, and staff member is that every consideration, decision, and adjustment that has been and will continue to be made with the best interest of our students being the utmost priority.

The following pages outline or REDy to Return plan. You will see there are several phases in this plan. This is to allow us to transition as seamlessly as possible from one phase to the other as circumstances of the pandemic and our community health status change. Maintaining stable groupings and smaller building and classroom capacities while our health risks are higher in our county will help to minimize the number of students and staff who would need to quarantine if we were to have a student or staff member with a positive COVID test.

Next week, assigned homeroom teachers will be reaching out to students and parents to schedule a conference time on August 24, 25, or 26. During the conference, teachers will explain the plan and help to ensure that students know where to go and what to do when they arrive at school on the first day. Once they are at school, we will continue to work with students to assist them with the adjustment.

While there remain many unknowns and frequently changing circumstances, what we do know and will remain constant is that our staff genuinely cares about your students and is devoted to doing whatever it takes to help our students develop the skills, mindset, and confidence of the Angry Red Advantage.

We thank you in advance for your grace and patience during this time and know that we will do the same for our students and families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there are any questions or assistance that you may need.


Ashley Kappelmann, Principal

REDy to Return Documents

Posted: 08/17/2020