Welcome to the Liberal Public Schools Technology Department!

Vision: USD 480 will provide technology and skills necessary to promote 21st century learning through excellence in education.

The two main components of USD 480 Technology are Infrastructure and Instructional Integration. The goal is to create a seemless technology rich environment in which students can learn and teachers can present lessons that both coincide with the Common Core State Standards and aid in the acquisition of 21st Century Skills. Support for teachers and students is provided by both Computer Technicians and Classroom Technology Integration Coaches. USD 480 has a wide variety of tools that aid in the teaching-learning process and enhance student engagement.

USD 480 Infrastructure Technology

USD 480 Computer Technicians work to manage district networks, maintain the wireless infrastructure, and provide technical assistance to staff at each district site. This includes providing assistance with Power School, district owned hardware (desktops, laptops, iPads, projectors), operating systems (Windows 7, iOS), and a wide variety of district purchased software. The Network Administrator and Computer Technicians also maintain all servers and communicate with technology service providers in order to ensure all district information and equipment are protected, up to date, and operational.