Starting April 1st, we will implement the following:

The process will go like this:

-A parent needs to fill out the Consent form in either English or Spanish.

-They can pick a form up at any of the serving sites, download it from the website, or pick it up at the school when they pick up their child's work packet Thursday and Friday.

-Once the form is completed, they need to take it to one of the meal serving sites during the serving time and give it to staff. They will then receive a "Lunch Authorization" card.

-This whole process can happen at once if they go to a meal site and fill out the form, they will get the authorization card at that time, they don't have to wait.

They need to bring the authorization card with them each time they come to pick up meals. This card will allow a parent to pick up meals for their kids (which have to be listed on the card) without the kids being present. On the back of the card will be all the dates we are serving meals. When they pick up for a day, we will X out that day to prevent people from going from site to site.