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Board Policies - Section G- Personnel

GA-all personnel

GB-personnel tied to negotiated agreement

GC-classified personnel

GA Personnel Policy Organization
GAA Goals and Objectives 
GAAA Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity
GAAAA Compensation Guides and Contracts
GAAB Complaints of Discrimination
GAAC Sexual Harassment
GAACA Racial Harassment
GAAD Child Abuse (See JCAC)
GAAE Bullying by Adults
GAAF Emergency Safety Interventions
GAC Policies and Rules Development Involvement 
GACA Positions
GACAA Hiring
GACB Job Descriptions
GACC Recruitment
GACD Employment Eligibility Verification
GACE Assignment and Transfer
GAD  Employee Development Opportunities
GAE Complaints
GAF Staff-Student Relations
GAG Conflicts of Interest 
GAH Participation in Community Activities
GAHB Political Activities
GAI Solicitations
GAJ Gifts
GAK Personnel Records
GAL Salary Deductions 
GAN Travel Expenses 
GAO Staff Responsibilities for Discipline
GAOA Drug Free Workplace
GAOB Drug Free Schools
GAOC Tobacco Use in Schools or on School Property
GAOD Drug and Alcohol Testing of bus drivers
GAOE Workers Compensation or Disability Benefits
GAOF District Staff ID Badges
GAOFA Security of District Staff  ID Badges
GAR Communicable Diseases
GARA Health Examinations
GARI Family Medical Leave
GAT Communication Devices
GBG Probation
GBH  Supervision
GBI Evaluation
GBK Suspension
GBM Policy Implementing Individual Teacher Plan for Achieving "Highly Qualified" Status
GBN Separation 
GBO Resignation
GBQA Reduction in Staff
GBR Work Schedule
GBRD Staff Meetings
GBRE  Additional Duty
GBRG Non-School Employment
GBRGA  Consulting
GBRH Professional Leave
GBRI Leaves and Absences
GBRIBA Disability
GBRJ Arrangement for Substitutes
GBU Ethics 
GCDA Teacher Aides and Paraprofessionals
GCH Supervision and Evaluation of Classified Personnel
GCIA Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors
GCK  Suspension
GCO  Resignation
GCR Working Conditions, Time Schedules,Work Load
GCRF Non-School Employment
GCRH Vacation Days 
GCRI Paid Holidays


Board Policies