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About Susan Loggins

Good day to all who venture into this zone of my Universe!


I was born in Montgomery, Alabama a long time ago.  My dad was in the Air Force so I was able to live in many states.  Alaska brings many memories of having stuck my tongue to a frozen jungle gym in the middle of winter.  New Hampshire has wonderful memories of me and my dad fishing.  Ohio, I watched the first walk on the moon.  New is not called the Land of Enchantment for nothing!   I met my wonderful husband during college.  Which brings me to my education...


I graduated from Tularosa High School, Tularosa, New Mexico.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Earth Science from New Mexico State University in 1983.  I moved to Monroe, Louisiana and earned a Master's degree in Geology from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe.  The oil field bottomed out and I picked up my teacher certification from NLU in 1988.  I taught in Louisiana for three years.  I moved to Houston, Texas and taught Earth Science and Gifted Earth Science for nine years.  My husband and I grew tired of driving 45 minutes to cover a 10 mile trip so we decided to move to a small town, Liberal, Kansas.  I started working in Liberal in 1998 and plan on retiring from the district. 

I attended Emporia State University and received my second master's degree in Gifted Education in 2002.  I have also completed my ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement.


I live on a farm and have  15 dogs, thousands of mallard ducks, pheasants, chickens and pigeons.  Now we have many wild cats that have had many kittens. . .the kittens are adults now and have had three litters each and they have had kittens and on and on. . .all are very wild.  We are always looking for homes for the new kittens.  Moms are great mousers! We have a few unwanted guests called rattlesnakes.  They do not stay around for very long!


Susan Loggins

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