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Board Policies


Board Policies - Preface

The policies and administrative rules of Unified School District No. 480 are the results of a combined effort of the professional staff of the Kansas Association of School Boards, the board of education and the district's staff.

The staff of KASB has written the policy and rule model and integrated into that model the policies and procedures being used in the district at the time of the first draft. Upon completion of the first draft, a KASB staff member and selected staff members of the district edited all of the proposed policies and rules resulting in preparation of a second draft to be presented to the board. The board consulted with the KASB staff members and selected staff members to arrive at the final draft. This final draft was then adopted by the board.

The board gratefully acknowledges the many hours spent on the part of the KASB staff and the school district's staff in the preparation of these policies and rules. A special acknowledgment should go to the board members who spent many hours studying the various drafts of these policies and rules. This effort is indeed a typical example of the unselfish attitude of the district's school board.

Board Policies