Building Concepts

During the completion of the Schematic Design Phase,  design teams for the middle and elementary schools each met three times to provide input to the DLR Architectural Staff about building design.  These teams consist of faculty, staff, Board of Education Members and other community members.   During these meetings, design team members reviewed the prototype school plans and recommended changes to better utilize space and customize the interior layout of the new buildings to best fit the needs of USD 480.  Once completed, the schematic design for both buildings was approved by the USD 480 Board of Education at the June 23, 2014 meeting.  The Elementary and Middle School Schematic Design Concepts and Information reflect the work of the design teams.


            The Project Phasing Plan reflects both sequencing of construction events and an estimate of how long each event may take to complete.   Some steps must be completed before the next step can start, for example, foundations must be completed before building walls may be constructed.  The Project Phasing Plan accounts for this necessary sequence of events.    A schedule is then created after events have been placed in sequence.  This schecule is based on an estimate of how long each of the steps may take to complete.   Separate phases of construction are identified and reflected in the Project Phasing Plan.   The three phases include the Bid Phase the Pre/Post Construction Phase and the Construction Phase.   

Project Progress

The District is required to own all property at a particular construction site before permits may be obtained and construction can begin.   Challenges with property acquisition are slowing the timeline for the beginning of construction, but the construction schedule is being compressed to have limited effect on the date of building openings.  Once challenges with obtaining clear title to the property are addressed, and the district closes on the property, construction can begin.

Progress on design and the bidding of work has continued.  The progress in building design is allowing the Bid Phase to continue even though USD 480 has not closed on the property. By proceeding with the bidding process the challenges in property acquisition will have less of an impact on completion dates.  Prospective contractors are being advised to consider current delays to have minimal impact on target completion date expectations and to take this into consideration in their bids.     


Phase I  

Eisenhower Middle School: Work has begun in the gymnasium/locker room area. Each building is divided into separate zones to better sequence the construction process. From Western Ave and/or the live web streaming, construction trailers, materials delivered and stored on site, heavy equipment, and contractors working can all be seen. There were several weather related delays in January and February, but progress continues. March has allowed the district to aggressively proceed with the sequencing of work to be performed. Mass excavation and grading of the site is ongoing and shall continue for several weeks. The process of imbedding and routing the deep underground plumbing and electrical utilities has begun and will continue as completion moves from one designated area to the other. Excavation and placement of the footings is scheduled, and once that is complete, the next step will be to place rebar and pour concrete. At that time the footprint of the building will begin to take shape. Following the concrete footings will be the masonry starter course, and then there will be walls! This process shall be repeated in each area until the structure is encapsulated. The projected completion date for the Eisenhower Middle School is June 2016. 

Prairie View Elementary School: The same zone and phasing procedures shall be used for all the new facilities. JE Dunn’s job trailer is now located on the property. Site clearing, mass excavation and grading are ongoing. Looking south from Highway 54, the Flor de Sol apartments located on Pine Street are now clearly visible. The City of Liberal has begun a sanitary and sewer upgrade which borders this site. Existing electrical, telephone and cable utilities are being re-located. These public services must be completed before additional work on the school can be scheduled. These projects are on-going and should have no effect on the projected completion date. The projected completion date for the Prairie View Elementary School is June 2016. Both facilities are projected to be complete for the 2016-2017 School Year.
Seymour Rogers Middle School: This campus will share the same site as the Prairie View Elementary School. Work is scheduled to begin August 2015 with a projected completion date of January 2017.

Phase II 

Meadowlark Elementary School: The eminent domain process is concluded and USD 480 now owns the property. The land owner has entered into the appeal process and adjudication will be determined by a jury trial. Work is projected to begin March 2016.
MacArthur Elementary School: No work to date. Work is projected to begin March 2016. The projected completion date for Phase II is June 2017. Both facilities are projected to be complete for the 2017-2018 School Year.